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Increase your sales with the delivery restaurant brand from us

“Virtual Restaurant” helps your restaurant business increase sales and reach new customers without having to increase the cost of business administration You can use the existing kitchen in your restaurant to handle new food orders with the delivery restaurant brands managed by Chim Global.

Our Work

Match your restaurant with the right brand
We match your restaurant with menu experts. So that you can get the delivery restaurant brand that is suitable for the ingredients you use in the store including the area of your kitchen, area, and competition in the market.
Let us market do marketing for you
We do marketing and promoting the delivery restaurant brand for you in leading food delivery apps. So that you can reach customers quickly.
Easier to manage orders
Our integration with leading food delivery apps allow you to manage of your orders in one place, make it convenient for you to receive orders from all sales channels.
Generate Sales, Build Customer Base
Food delivery worker will get the prepared food at your restaurant just like a restaurant you are used to and deliver it to your customers. So they can dine at home with the food they love, review it, and order again.
Eco-friendly food packaging delivery

Get started now from your kitchen and let us do the rest!

We operate our delivery restaurant brands to meet the demands of our customers. With modern order management practices, your restaurants are able to quickly receive and process orders, prepare delicious meals, and start serving without delay. This streamlined approach ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
Our brands that are ready to deliver delicious foods from your kitchen
Meet our brands
Our restaurant brands are built around market demand data.
Generate more sales with your team, kitchen and ingredients in your restaurant. We're here to help right away with a brand that has no entry fee and long-term contract
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